7 Great Partner Strength, Speed and Agility Drills

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Published on September 28, 2018


Partner resistance band drills can improve strength, speed, agility and quickness. This piece of football training gear tethers two players together, with the faster player in front. To complete the exercise, both players run at full speed- the slower player must increase pace to keep up, while the faster player encounters increased resistance while running. This is one of the most efficient football training exercises for two people.

This video contains 7 great partner drills as well as safety instructions and equipment user information. Each drill, demonstrated with the SKLZ Viper 360, is shown multiple times with detailed instruction so that you can master the technique and get the most of your training.


1. Watch to see the Lateral Hip Snaps drill. 2:47
2. Try Lateral W Slides for lock down defense. 3:31
3. Learn how to perform the Box Drill. 4:22
4. Perform the Linear W Sprint to increase your speed. 5:25
5. The Triangle Drill improves agility. 6:17
6. See how to do the Figure Drill. 7:05
7. Enhance your directional abilities with the 45˚ Breaks drill. 7:50


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