Drills for Adjustable Speed Hurdles by SKLZ

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SKLZ Adjustable Speed Hurdles are one of the most versatile tools for speed, agility and quickness training. They require the athlete to use increased awareness and raise their feet up higher than would normally be required when running. Players seeking football speed training routines can benefit through more accurate foot placement using the speed hurdles.

This video walks you through several hurdle drills and can be used for all levels of team and individual sports. Hurdle drills should be used to develop linear and lateral speed, quick change of direction, and fast feet.

1:45 Learn how to do the Sprint Progression drill.
3:55 Watch the athlete perform the Front Back Hops drill.
4:19 One legged Front Back Hops are shown.
4:38 Run the Hurdle Maze drill facing forward for variation.
5:12 Run the Dead Leg to improve form at top speed.
6:37 The Icky Shuffle enhances lateral and forward movement simultaneously.
7:17 Lateral Hops using one or both legs with a speed hurdle increase vertical jump and agility.
7:55 Fixed distance Run Ins apply the Dead Leg drill to a full run motion.
9:02 Straddle Hops combine quickness with vertical jumps over the speed hurdles for ultimate agility.


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