Explosive Cuts | Football Training| Football Speed and Agility

http://kbandstraining.com/how-to-improve-speed-and-agility/ I love using this drill with athletes who need to improve their side to side quickness. By building lateral quickness football players will see their mobility on the field improve greatly. Use Kbands with resisted sets followed by un-resisted for an added bonus. During the resisted sets you will feel you legs strengthening through every rep building your hips and glutes for more explosive body control. The un-resisted sets will leave your legs feeling like feathers. This light feeling in your legs will allow you to concentrate on being faster. The neurological benefits are definitely a great added bonus for you football players out there.

Please feel free to comment below and ask any questions you may have. If you need a set of Kbands head to my training website and grab them them. http://kbandstraining.com/

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