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Published on November 21, 2016

Click the link above and learn how to incorporate this speed and agility drill into your training. You will find a workout listed on the page and tips on how to become a better football player.

Trevor Theismann explains how to train football players to increase their speed and agility. He talks about the footwork needed to be quicker, and the importance of incorporating football related moves into your exercise routine. It is always important to train like you compete. Make sure to work with football related exercises such as this video when training your football athlete.

Complete 6-8 reps with Kbands resistance and then take them off for an additional 4-6reps with no resistance. Use Kbands like you would train with weights. Push yourself through every rep so that your muscles will adjust to the resistance. When you take Kbands off, your legs will feel light and ready to move faster. Work to keep a good center of balance and push the pace when training for speed.

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