Football Speed & Agility Drills

Click the link above and learn how to incorporate this speed and agility drill into your training. You will find a workout listed on the page and tips on how to become a better football player.

Football is a game of speed, agility, and reaction time. Using drills such as the Forward Shuffle Bag Drill is a drill that can help football players with their footwork. The majority of the game for defenders is the ability to move laterally at a fast pace. Offensive players must also be able to move laterally to make cuts and make defenders miss tackles.

When training with Kbands it is important to use them as a resistance training tool. Complete 6-8 reps with them on to increase muscle recruitment, and then take them off for an additional 4-6 reps. Train at 100% intensity for maximal results. Combine this drill with our other Kbands Football Drills on our website for a great workout.

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