Hexagon Speed and Agility Training, EZIA Coach

1. See our website on how to draw a hexagon, begin inside
2. Action — Athlete jumps over and back of every line around the Hex
3. Finish — Complete 3 full Revolutions without touching lines (.5 sec penalty!), How fast can you do it?
*Coaching Cues- Stay low, anticipate your next move, small jumps
Benefit: The Hexagon drill tests and aims to improve Body Control, Foot Speed and Center of Gravity Awareness, skills needed for all sports (especially action sports)
Purpose: Being able to fly around the hexagon at maximum speed and control is a great indicator of overall athleticism. Improvements in time correlate directly into enhanced athletic performance
Caution: Make sure the surface is dry, avoid if there are any pre-existing foot or ankle injuries

Watch the video "How to make a Hexagon at Home"


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