High Knee Skips – Speed and Agility Training

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Published on November 21, 2016

This is a high intensity plyometric exercise. This exercise is essentially the same as traditional skipping, except the emphasis is on obtaining as much height as possible with every skip, through forceful and rapid extension of the hip, knee, and ankle joints.

Begin by selecting an appropriate surface for plyometric training. A flat grass playing field is recommended. Never perform this exercise on a concrete surface due to extreme jarring of the joints. Begin with traditional skipping and gradually increase knee height and rebound height. The elbows should be flexed to 90 degrees (as in sprinting) and each arm should thrust forward powerfully as the opposite knee is raised. Perform each repetition for a total of 30 yards and repeat as necessary. Individuals might consider performing 5 repetitions of 30 yards each (with maximal effort) and then resting for 3 minutes prior to the next block of repetitions.

Step 1

Skip for several yards. Try to obtain as much height as possible as you skip. Avoid hard surfaces.

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