“How To Sprint” Faster – Speed And Agility Drills For Football Players

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Published on April 30, 2018

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How To Sprint Faster Agility And Speed Training Drills

In this video we break down one of our favorite exercises that Chris James has been working on this off season as he gets ready to go to the University of Pittsburgh.

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In this video I bring on high school athlete and running back chris james. He currently runs a 4.37 40 yard dash. Sprinting faster is one of the hardest things to train when it comes to athletic performance enhancement.

Chris james is a high school running back from Chicago, Illinois who rushed for 2,300 rushing yards and 33 Touchdowns as a Junior in high school. He was only a junior (Class of 2014). He is one of the fastest running backs in the nation at his age and he weighs 212 lbs.

Pretty incredible right?

He has been using the Twice The Speed training workouts for a little over two years now where he has gained 35 lbs and dropped his "40 yard dash time" over half of a second.

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