Instant Speed Training | Speed Bands | Increase Speed

The benefits of resistance training for increasing speed have been well documented in the past but now there is a product to achieve results fast.

Speed Bands ensure the leg muscles work against the resistance of the bands. This activates the fast-twitch muscle fibres in the hamstrings, quads, glutes and core muscles to help you increase your speed, explosive power and balance. The High Knee Wall Drill is a great exercise for training these muscle fibers in your legs. Visit our Video Blog to view all our training videos.

Using the Speed Bands while doing ladder work and other speed and agility drills will develop strength in your legs for that quick side-step to wrong foot your opponents and accelerate on faster. When the bands are removed, you will notice the feeling of lightness and quickness in your legs and feet and be primed to accelerate quicker up and down the field.

All drills and exercises should be firstly performed using the bands and then repeated immediately after without the bands when your legs feel light and strong.

The main advantage of the Speed Bands is that they can be worn while training for all multi-directional movements. This ensures all muscles that your sport requires are targeted and strengthened.

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