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Published on December 9, 2016

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Speed, agility and quickness are the common threads necessary for success in fitness training for all sports. Improve your rhythm, coordination and quickness with a variety of quick ladder training drills to be at the top of your game.

This video will be your guide to the speed ladder, one of the most essential sport training aids. The guide includes 11 ladder drills to master. No matter if you play football, baseball, soccer or another sport, you will first want to master the basic drills before moving onto the more advanced quick ladder drills.

You will want to think of the quick ladder as 3 sections. In the first part, you want to set your rhythm of the particular quick ladder drill you are doing. The second part, you will want to speed up your rhythm before finally accelerating through the last third of the ladder.

Each pattern gives an overview of the mechanics and slow motion detail.

Watch the Quick Ladder Video.

1. Learn how to do One Foot Runs in the SKLZ Quick Ladder. 1:17
2. Watch the Two Foot Runs drill performed. 1:42
3. Learn how to use Lateral Runs. 1:59
4. Do the Cross Country Skier drill. 2:37
5. Hop Scotch with the quick ladder repurposes a childhood game. 3:05
6. Straddle Hops increase agility. 3:27
7. Jump Cuts improve burst speed. 3:52
8. Run the Crazy Climber drill through the quick ladder. 4:11
9. Learn the Buzz Saw drill. 4:42
10. The Linear Trail Whip effectively helps speed. 5:08
11. The Icky Shuffle drill teaches control. 5:43


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