Softball Power 6 | Resisted Speed Training Drills

The Softball Power 6 is composed of six exercises. To perform the exercises athletes will need Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, Speed and Agility Cones, a wall or sturdy object, and a coach or partner.

Athletes will first perform the Wall Drill in which the athlete attaches the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, place their hands on a wall so their body is at a 45 degree angle with the ground, and the athlete alternates driving their knees into their chest. This drill consists of 4-6 resisted sets of 12-15 seconds, followed by 2-3 unresisted sets. Allow 40 seconds of rest between sets.

The second drill is the Split Jumps in which athletes will split their legs, jump into the air, and land with their feet in the opposite position. Perform 4 sets of 20 seconds.

The third exercise is the Rhythm Squats. Athletes will jump forward and alternate their landings between a standing narrow stance, and a wide squatted stance. Athletes will move down for 10-15 yards 4-6 times resisted, and 4-6 times unresisted.

Athletes will then move into the Glute Walk and Glute Shuffle portion in which they move slowly and laterally for 10-15 yards, down and back, 4 times. Athletes will then move into the Glute Shuffle, which is performed just as the Glute Walks, just at a much faster pace.

Softball players will finish with the Kbands Switch Drill. Athletes will place one cone on each side of their foot, 2-3 yards away. On a cue given by a partner, athletes will alternate stepping one of their feet toward one of the cones. Athletes will maintain a squatted position and perform the drill for 20-25 seconds, allowing 30 seconds of rest between. Perform 4 sets.

Athletes need to ensure they maintain good body positioning while performing each of the above drills. Athletes should keep their chest and heads high, shoulders back, feet pointed forward, and continue to face forward. This position will ensure the athlete is receiving the maximum benefit while performing these drills.

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