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Published on November 21, 2016

Sam Gordon shows how she trains to get quicker, faster, and more explosive using ladders, hurdles, and her hill workouts. These exercises will dramatically improve your footwork. For more awesome videos, be sure to SUBSCRIBE ► http://bit.ly/Uxp3f3

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About Sam Gordon
Sam Gordon is a girl who loves to play football and other sports like soccer and basketball. On her channel she shares what it's like to become an overnight YouTube sensation after her football highlight video had nearly 5 million views in just three days and she got to meet famous athletes, train with the San Francisco 49ers, the US Women's National Team, attend the Super Bowl with NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, and go on television shows like Good Morning America and the Conan Show. Sam also shares what she likes to do when she's not playing sports and when she's just hanging out with her friends.

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