Speed Ladder | 15 Drills for Speed, Quickness, Agility | HIIT School

HIIT School (www.hiitschool.com) brings you 15 essential speed ladder drills used to to improve agility, quickness, reaction speed, acceleration, and lateral movements, while enhancing balance, rhythm, and body control. Complete in a set time or by number of lengths.

1. One foot in box forward steps
2. Both feet in box forward steps
3. Both feet forward hops
4. Both feet in lateral steps
5. Both feet in lateral hops
6. Hopscotch
7. Forward zig-zag hops
8. Muhammad Ali's
9. Both feet lateral in and out hops
10. Single foot lateral in and out hops
11. Straddle forward hops
12. Icky shuffle
13. Forward hop tail whips
14. Lateral explosive lunge hops
15. Explosive squat zig-zag hops

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