“Speed Training” Drills – Run Faster In 7 Days

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"Speed training" drills are getting more and more complex nowadays, but in this video I break down 5 different sprint variations that will teach you "how to run faster" almost instantly.

In order to run faster you need to understand exactly what it is that your body needs to be doing. Stride frequency x stride length is the only equation that you need to know when you are looking to run faster.

Adding in certain sprint training workouts and drills will guarantee you results. In this video I show 5 of my favorite exercises that I used with my professional athletes "Tyler Ladendorf".

In order to run faster you need to train faster. Doing exercises at full speed during your speed training workouts is key to actually showing improvement in your sprint times. Whether you are running the 40 yard dash times, or the 60 yard times, or even the "100 meter" sprint, you need to understand exactly what your body should be doing to get the best results.

These 5 sprint exercises are 5 of my favorite exercises all athletes, regardless if you play baseball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc…

You need to be doing the right speed training drills. For more FREE speed training tips, be sure to check out:


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