Ultimate Speed & Agility Drill – Parkour Training – How To Increase Speed & Agility

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Published on November 20, 2017

Ultimate Speed & Agility Drill – Parkour Training – 3 Shoes
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In this video we share with you one of our ultimate speed & agility drills for parkour. In Parkour, whether we're playing a game of tag or in a real life chase situation, our speed and agility will play a big part. Speed allows us to out run our opponent. Agility allows us to have control, think quick on our feet and make split second decisions to potentially escape or save ourselves from injuries.

This drill focuses on sprints, quick Quadrupedal Movement, Jumps, and most importantly your Parkour Roll. If you want a detailed breakdown video of the parkour roll and simple gradual progression steps to follow to master your roll then click the link above to access the PK Roll video for free.

For this drill, all you need is a patch of grass and 3 cones or objects (I'm using 3 shoes). We will place the cones in a triangle about 9ft apart from each other.

When training this parkour drill focus on quick steps, high jumps, and accurate rolls and jumps.

Train safe,

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