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Published on August 28, 2018


In this video, Trevor Theismann from Kbands Training takes viewers through a basketball defensive speed drill designed to help basketball players build strength, speed, and agility. The drill requires minimal equipment: just a ball, a set of agility cones, and a pair of Kbands resistance bands for each player. Once the bands are in place and the cones have been laid on the floor in two staggered, parallel lines, each player can begin the drill and move down the line with the help of a partner.

At the starting signal, the player will move backwards in a high speed lateral shuffle from one row of cones to the other and back. While the player's attention stays forward, her feet will move backward down the line. During the entire process, her center of gravity will stay low and her hands and arms will stay engaged.

When the player reaches the end of the line, the partner or coach will pass the ball, and more advanced players will intercept it, breakaway, and sprint in a linear fashion own the court. This drill will involve eight to ten resisted reps, then two to four more reps with the resistance bands removed. More advanced players will use a slightly longer row of cones.

For additional basketball defensive drills similar to this one, viewers can visit the Kbands Training.com website. The site also offers information and purchasing details for the Kbands resistance bands and other Kbands training equipment, like the KB Duo and PB Powerbands.

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