100% “Vertical Jump” Truth Workout [Part 2/7]

Instantly Jump Higher: http://www.jumpoutthegym.com

Jack Cascio explaining the second part of the vertical jump series "100% vertical truth". The second part is the hamstring muscles and you can learn more on how to increase you jumping ability by visiting the vertical jump king (Jack Cascio) over at jumpoutthegym.com. Over there you can pick up your free copy of his I.V. Injection workout where you will add 3 inches to your vertical leap in 3 minutes.

In order to increase your vertical jump you need to be on the proper vertical jump workout and or program. Learning how to jump higher or even just how to properly jump is the key to your success. With an increase in your vertical jump you will notice your basketball training, drills, and workouts to become much easier, and you will have a better chance to dunk. Learning how to dunk comes down to a couple things. You need to practice the skill of dunking itself, and then you need to actually strengthen your legs through strength training and plyometrics.

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