Basketball vertical jumping Leaper

We revolutionized the fast speed basketball game, volleyball game and other explosive sports with the isokinetic Leaper in the 70's & 80's. We now have redesigned a new Leaper for this explosive power training of resistive exercise at fast speeds, safely, developing one's white quick twitch muscle fibers. Our isokinetic resistance is automatic to the effort exerted thru the full range of motion, and yet adjust to one as they fatigue safely. If one pushes with only 10 lbs of effort, they get 10 lbs of resistance, and yet in that same range of motion, they exert 100 lbs of effort, they get 100 lbs of resistance automatically. Our Leaper provides fast speed resistance, safely, as fast as one can work. We also measure with our LCD's, one's total work thru the full range of motion for any number of reps with our LCD readouts. No weights to set, none to release, our automatic isokinetic resistance develop little or no muscle soreness. One may vary speed of exercise fast from less than 1 second rep, to a slow speed of 2.5 seconds on most ranges of motion. Most athletes do 30 squats in 25-30 seconds with our fast speeds, and push 1000 lbs in the last couple inches of that exercise (just not possible with weights). Many basketball and girls volleyball players report gains of 4 to 12 inches increase in vertical jump in just a matter of weeks. Boys and girls jump higher, run faster and jump quicker for rebounding and spiking with fast speed resistive exercise. More info at

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