Best Slam Dunk | How to Jump Higher

Top Slam Dunk Techniques


So a lot of people kept asking me how I slam dunk with the big dogs and how they can learn to jump higher too.

So you know what? I finally decided to put together a video for you guys on the best slam dunking methods around.

Before I get started though, I want you guys to know that I've been where you are now. You know I tried all kinds of exercises to jump higher cause I wanted to do some awesome slam dunks for basketball.

I knew I needed to improve my vertical jump. I know some of you out there can feel me on that. So I started looking for some kind of proven vertical jump training. I mean I looked hard. I looked until I found someone that had the highest vertical jump around. But you know, local guys usually don't cut it.

So then I found out about a guy named Jacob Hiller. The dude helped students seriously exceed 20 inches or more in pure vertical jumps. It's something he calls his multi-faceted explosion training.

I'm actually gonna leave the link so you can check Jacob's methods out for yourself.

Click the url below right now to learn how to jump higher and slam dunk harder.

Anyway, I hope that really helps!

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