Best Vertical Jump Training Exercise (System)

If you want to fully develop your vertical jump potential you have to maximize explosive leg power and arm swing velocity through the full range of the upward explosive jumping movement. is the only system in the world that has been designed to fully develop all muscles associated with maximizing velocity at lift-off to develop full vertical jump potential. VertiMax is the most advanced vertical jump training system used by the majority of NFL, NBA and MLB teams.
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The V8 system is the most advanced system developed to allow athletes to engage in effective light-load, high speed training that optimally promotes rapid force production to vertical jump performance. The increased power development efficiency by simultaneously training all of the muscles associated with vertical jump performance is ignored by every resistive jump training methodology except one — VertiMax. Most obvious is the fact that most coaches and athletes forget that the arm swing velocity at lift off accounts for 10 to 13 percent of vertical jump performance. Unfortunately most athletes never conduct a single training exercise to increase arm swing velocity to add to vertical jump performance. VertiMax is the only system in the world that is designed to improve explosive leg power and arm swing velocity by simultaneously loading the legs and arm swing when vertical jump training. This patented training methodology provides optimal gains in vertical jump performance.

It is important to note that high speed, light load resistive training is essential to maximize power in explosive athletic movements. Elastic bands are popular now because they can apply resistance without the mass of steel weights — thus athletes can train explosively at high velocities because elastic bands that apply the training resistance are virtually weightless when compared to steel weight plates. Unfortunately, the problem with conventional elastic jump training systems is they cannot apply useful loads at the start of the upward explosive movement because the elastic bands go slack when the athlete squats. VertiMax is the only jump training system designed with elastic bands that retract all the way into the ground so the bands applying resistance to the legs and arms can never go slack. This patented loading profile is far more effective developing explosive power through a greater range of the upward explosive jumping movement allowing athletes to achieve greater take-off velocity and thus dramatic improvements in vertical jump performance.

Many coaches and athletes lose sight of the fact that being strong doesn't guarantee you'll be explosive. Really strong athletes that are slow as molasses are a dime a dozen on football fields across the country because they can't generate force quickly! The stronger you are the more explosive potential you have. However, an athlete's explosive potential can only be realized if their maximum force or strength output can be reached very quickly — i.e. train for maximum rate of force production. That is accomplished by combining traditional weight training protocols with EFFECTIVE high speed light load training. I emphasized effective because many of the elastic training devices and techniques which this video points out do not effectively load the initial phase of explosive movement. VertiMax corrects these problems to create the world's most effective sports performance training system.

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