Can ankle weights increase your vertical leap?

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What's up? Hey man, basketball players are always doing like this, and it's not even after they make a 3 pointer, which I could understand. What's that mean? Is it awesome? Or is it like a professional WWF type of thing, John Cena kind of thing? Anyways

Adam had a question; he had two questions in a long e-mail, so I am just going to get to one of the quick questions. And his question was, "What do you think about ankle weights?"

Well, ankle weights provide resistance basically when you are jumping, they don't provide very much. And they also provide them in a place that might be unstable for your knees. I mean if you are running around with ankle weights there is going to be a lot of stress on your ACL and MCL, because that weight, your feet are pretty light and when you put that weight at the end of your feet and it's going to be torqueing on your knee.

However, what do you want to use ankle weights for? They could possibly be decent for doing jump roping or something simple like that where you really are not running and you are not putting your knees in that type of position. But you could also do that with a weighted vest. So really the only redeeming aspect of ankle weights are they provide a little bit of resistance, but I mean the amount of resistance that is provided is very low.

So I mean, what are these ankle weights going to weigh a couple pounds? So we are talking 5-10 pounds at most added in resistance, which is really not significant enough to gain any significant amount of strength. So ankle weights are extremely limited and if they are used the wrong way, like if you used them during practice, during a scrimmage, or during sprinting it really is not going to be a stable place for your knees and also it's probably going to mess up your neuro pattern a little bit. When you are sprinting it is going to cause you to really have to kick out your leg and that is really not the same activation pattern when you are actually sprinting, it might actually kind of mess that up.

So the only redeeming aspect is there is some sort of resistance but you can get that in many better ways, for example, jump squats, squatting, single leg squats, all these things. There are many exercises you can do that provide much more resistance in a much safer way.

So ankle weights, it's not like I am anti-ankle weights it's just that they could potentially be dangerous the way you are using them and they just don't have a whole lot of benefits. They are pretty old though and I bet at some time somebody was giving some awesome infomercials on ankle weights or something. So anyways, that is my take on ankle weights. If you have questions, comments post them below. Bye

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