Dunk Vlog! 5’10” Dunker’s Advice How to Jump Higher!! – #100 Dunk Journey 2.0

Surprise!! first off… no eastbay yet but im working harder than ever! I gotta get it!!
I know this is way overdue but I finally made this video for everyone who has ever asked me for my advice and tips HOW TO JUMP HIGHER so here it is!!
Please like, share and comment! i need FEEBACK so any questions that didnt get answered i can answer in the next video!
If you liked the video let me know! I'd love to hear what you think!

"Start day of my Dunk Journey"

My First dunk!

40" Inch Vertical

Lob tutorial!

Next Vlog ideas:
My Story?
Lob Tutorial?
Footwork and different plants?

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