Explosive Basketball Training

Develop vertical jump performance and speed that separates you from the competition!

From the professional, NBA basketball player to the AAU level, no training system will do more to increase the vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing a basketball player's abilities to dominate the court. VertiMax will take your jumping ability, offensive and defensive mobility to the highest levels!

The Fastest Most Effective Way To Improve:
The Vertical Jump
First Step Quickness
Offensive/Defensive Play Making Abilities

If you're serious about fully developing the athletic abilities of all your players, basketball training with VertiMax will allow you to place a much more competitive team on the court from start to finish – every game! VertiMax is the world's leading system from the youth level to the NBA for developing vertical jump and speed performance that's going to make a difference on the court.

Be sure to also watch the Vertical Jump, Lateral and Linear Basketball Training Videos to see how VertiMax delivers a basketball training system and methodology that is light years ahead of the competition. No matter what move you want to improve on the court, VertiMax will allow you to train it explosively with a resistive load to develop incredible sport specific power that can be applied vertically or laterally to improve performance and separate you from the competition.

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