Flying in Four Vertical jump program day 28- Final Results

final results from flying in four program

we both beasted

luis: standing reach 7 ft 9
Standing vertical=30
running= 37

end program
standing vertical=33 (+3)
running vertical =41 (+4)

me: standing reach 7 ft 11 ( not 7 ft 10 like i originally measured, i really reached as far as i possibly could on the 7 ft 11)
starting program
standing vertical= 24.5 inches
running vertical=30

end program
standing vertical=29 inches (+4.5)
running vertical=35 (+5)

and yea, this was all in only 4 weeks, crazy

the backboard foam height is 9 ft 4.5

some of the jumps/dunk attempts were from the following couple days after finishing program also

i still haven't gotten that first dunk down, but i'm alright with that now cause i know i'm getting up high enough now i just have to stop trying to absolutely destroy the first dunk and do it softly and then get used to the movement

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