How to Increase Vertical Jump to Spike a Volleyball | Jump Higher to Improve Volleyball Spike (Fast)

Learn how to increase your vertical jump to improve your volleyball spike. Most athletes are not training properly to achieve these goals. Learning how to spike a volleyball starts with your ability to leap above the net. Your chances of success will dramatically increase if you can jump higher and faster than your opponent. In this video, you will learn why most people fail when it comes to vertical jump training and how to avoid the same mistakes.

Speed and strength are the two critical components to this type of training routine. Explosion is the result when you combine speed and strength. The best way to increase your vertical jump is to combine speed and strength exercises during the same muscle contraction. This is the fastest way to achieve higher results. Most volleyball players make the mistake of training for endurance rather than explosion. If you want to learn how to spike a volleyball like a pro, then you need to focus on your explosion. A proper workout routine can quickly increase your vertical jump 5 to 10 inches.

If you want to jump higher, it is important to train in your improvement range. Your improvement range is within a few inches of your highest vertical leap. You will not see increases if your exercises are done at 10 — 25 inches if your maximum vertical is 30 inches. In order to improve your volleyball spike, your workouts need to be done in your improvement range. This is a great tip to instantly boost your athletic ability.

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There are 9 separate factors that you should focus on if you want to learn how to increase your vertical jump for volleyball. Spiking a volleyball depends on your ability to leap higher than your opponents. You can use these 9 variables to instantly get an edge on your competition. I guarantee you they are not training each of these areas. They are most likely making the same mistake as most volleyball players and doing endurance exercises.

My last tip is to make sure you have a friend, trainer or coach that can mentor you through this process. This can be a challenge because most people do now understand the science of teaching how to increase vertical jumping in sports. If you decide to get the workout manual talked about in this video, you will get instant access to Jacob Hiller. Jacob has a decade of experience teaching students how to dunk and how to spike a volleyball. You can bounce ideas and questions off of him through email as often as you would like. You will also have fast access to the forum where other volleyball and basketball players have already learned how to jump higher by 10 inches.

Jacob's manual will give you everything you need to succeed. All it requires on your part is discipline, dedication and hard work. The techniques in this manual are the best way to instantly jump higher than your competitors. Whether your goals are to spike volleyball or dunk a basketball, this guide will teach you how to get there. I'd like to thank you for watching my video about how to increase your vertical jump. I wish you success and maximum height!

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