How To Increase Your Vertical Vol. 3

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discussing dietary tips for people begging workouts for the summer.

My workout videos are created in the summertime. Now that it's getting warm i will be posting more workout videos folks…be patient. A tutorial video on how to increase your vertical. Starting with the basics and as the athlete gets stronger the workout difficulty increases. teaching proper form for power, agility, strength, and stability to increase vertical leap. Eventually gaining the power to dunk a basketball or compete better at events such as the long jump or triple jump. the high jump or pole vault. or any other sport that requires great leaping ability. such as volleyball, soccer, football. HOW TO BULK UP, PROTEIN and WHEY! how to bulk up gain weight protein whey fitness tips work out abs advice lose weight diet pecs biceps triceps manboobs routine howto how to destorm deestorm destomrtv daystom

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