How To INSTANTLY Increase Your “Vertical Jump” In 1 Week – “Jump higher”

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How To INSTANTLY Increase Your Vertical Jump With 3 Exercises – "Jump higher"

This workout is for individuals who want to jump higher in 1 week.

If you can squat at least 1.5 times your body weight than this vertical jump workout is for you.

This 1 week workout focuses on speed and explosiveness by performing plyometrix exercises that increase your rate of force development.

The Workout


Practice Jumping 3×6

Depth Jumps 3×6

Jump Squats 3×6

Squats 6×1


Depth Jumps 3×6


Practice Jumping 3×6

Depth Jumps 3×6

Jump Squats 3×6

Squats 3×3

When you're looking to increase your vertical jump you need to be doing the right type of vertical jump training program. In order to add 3 – 5 inches on your current vertical jump you should always remember you need the proper balance between strength training and plyometric training.

Often times basketball players, volleyball players, etc will be doing their training program and they will only focus on the jumping part of the workouts. In order to jump high, you need to be strong first!

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