How To Jump Higher | How To Dunk | How To Increase Your Vertical

How To Jump Higher | How To Dunk | How To Increase Your Vertical:

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From the Beginning…

I started as an average jumper, neither poor nor exceptional in my jumping abilities. As an avid basketball player, and perhaps an even more avid jumper, I have always wanted to dunk– No, not just dunk– fly, glide, float, defy. Hours, weeks, and years were spent trying to maximize my explosion power. I used the Strength platform shoes, AirAlert, plyometrics, stair running, ankle weights, and anything else I could get my hands on. Consequently I had a decent vertical, and was in excellent shape. Yes, I could dunk, but at 6' 3" I wanted to do more than just dunk. But despite my hard work, and hours of training, I couldn't quite get there. I have never known anyone who had worked as hard in order to achieve a high vertical. I am sure there is someone out there, but I have never met him or her.

Seeing the Light

During a two year service trip, during which I played very little basketball, I stumbled upon the essential elements of what every jump program needs in order to produce maximum results. Although I had very little time to work out I devoted about fifteen minutes a night to testing my new jump theories. The results came quickly, and I resolved to devote my workouts to these theories when I got home. I was sad to know that I could have been using these techniques for all the years before, but I was also excited to put the new principles to work as soon as I got home.


When I got home (still 6'3") I could dunk rather feebly. With a good approach I could put it down off two feet with two hands with decent force. After three months of putting my theories to the test, I did something I never would have thought possible. I dunked one handed from one step over the free-throw line (about 24 inches past). I could easily cock the ball to my back and tomahawk with serious force. I could glide from outside of the lane and throw it down. I wasn't afraid to dunk over people who were even bigger than me. I could 360, 180, alley-oop, my rebounding was ferocious, and my first step explosion could only be stopped by a congested lane.

Everyone I play with notices, and almost every time I play, someone asks me, "So how did you learn to jump like that? Could you always do that? How many people do you dunk on a game? Did you dunk on anyone today? I wish I could jump like that…" Then I attempt to explain what they need to do in order to soar. But I rarely have the time to explain exactly what they need to do. I have talked to many who have much more natural ability than I, and if they were willing, they could do incredible things.

The Jump Manual

This manual is the result in my obsession with jumping, my education as a Personal Trainer, and the lessons learned from years of devotion as a jumper. It is intended for those who dream of flying. I am convinced that this is the most effective tool available for maximizing your vertical. Carefully read the following chapters and you will understand why this program will develop your maximum explosion power. The principles and exercises are intended to be brief enough to be convenient, yet informative enough to equip you with the knowledge needed to achieve maximum explosion. It is in adhering to these same principles that I intend to dunk from the free throw line, and that I wish you success in your undertakings.

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