How To Jump Higher – Strength Training That Will Increase Your Vertical Jump!

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Strength training is very important when it comes to increasing your vertical jump.

The reason many athletes don't increase their jump from plyometrics training is because the lack basic strength.

The 3 most important strength training exercises for jumping higher are squats, deadlifts and lunges.

Strength Training Vertical Jump Workout

Make sure that you go all out ever week. Go as heavy as you can each time that you life and try your best when doing plyometrics. Every week add more weight to you weight lifting routine as long as you can handle that weight.

Week 1


Repetitive Jumps (Jump up non stop and touch an object) 4×12
Short Distance Sprints 4x
Practice Jumping 4×10

Squats 4×10
Glute-Ham Raise 4×10
Dumbbell Lunges 4×10


Repetitive Jumps (Jump up non stop and touch an object) 4×12
Short Distance Sprints 4x
Practice Jumping 4×10

Deadlifts 4×10
Barbell Lunges 4×10
One-Leg Calf Raises 4×10 (switch legs)

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