How To Jump Higher Workout & Knowledge (EXPLOSION GUIDE!!) & Experience

Hey guys sorry my guide is late but better than never! Hope it helps.

I won't be making vids for awhile injured my left knee I landed on it when I jumped over someone but they kinda took the ball when I was in mid air cuz maybe thought it was funny? and I got surprised and was unprepared and boom landed on my left knee badly bruised but I know he didn't do it intentionally to injure me so it's all cool, it's been 6weeks since and still hasn't healed and apparently something wrong with it on my X-ray and have to discuss it with my doctor so haven't been jumping that much(I can't even go on stairs without pain). But this won't stop me. Jumping is very fun for me and I will continue it just not as much as before.
Feel free to ask questions on the comments and I'll try and answer them 😀
Other tips:
If you are preparing to jump higher on a certain day, try and walk in long strides for 30min to 1hour a day before ur performance. It will help pre-stim and make u jump a little higher the next day it works for most people.
Try and find your weakness and work on what you're lacking, everyone is different and there's no "one" superior exercise that will work for everyone. Like if u have really strong legs and can lift more than 2x bodyweight but u jump low then you need to work more on plyometrics and make a workout that consist of 80%plyo 20%strength and vice versa if your fast and not strong then you will benefit more on strength training. For me, Deadlift and Depth jumps are the main exercise that helped me touched the rim for first time from only touching the board around 7inch increase (those noob gains tho when u first start working out with HEAVY resistance the correct way explosively and as u jump higher the results slows down) in short amount of time like 5weeks but it may be different for you, maybe squats and sprints will benefit you more, who knows. But trust me you will fly as long as you do the exercises EXPLOSIVELY each rep and as heavy as you can manage and that you don't get lazy and skip workouts just because nothing BIG happened overnight with 1 have to stick with it for at least a month. Also jump "as high" as you can throughout the day(like 10-20times a day) and make sure each jump is at ur very best and try and aim for something at the wall or rim or's important to track ur results and this will also help ur body adapt to jump higher as long as u do each jump as high as u can or else ur not training in the improvement zone.

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