Increase Your Vertical – Elite Basketball Training Ep. 3

Increase your vertical – Elite Basketball Training Ep. 3
This is the Third episode of the "Elite" series. You can watch and learn as I help TJ Reels become an Elite basketball player. On this Episode we work on increasing his vertical and try to teach him to dunk. This episode will take you through the drills we use for TJ. Elite basketball training is essential if you expect to become a better player.

TJ reels is a 6'2 9th grade small forward that I give Elite basketball training to. This season he averaged 24 points and 8 rebounds a game. He lead his snellville middle school comets to an undefeated season 13-0. He is putting in the work so that he can be even more productive at the high school level.

We train everyday during the summer and we want you guys to come on the journey and watch the progress!!!





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