Increasing Vertical Jump: Squatting Progressions

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In my experience, as far as strength training goes, squats have a higher transfer to vertical leap than any other exercise (although deadlifts are a very close second, and are sometimes better, depending on the athlete and their strengths/weaknesses). When it comes to squats, there is a progression that I have found to be very effective for improving vertical ability. The progression goes as follows:

Phase 1:Traditional deep squats: Performed often with slower eccentric tempos and higher reps
Phase 2: Traditional and explosive semi-squats: Performed to 2/3 depth and often done with biometric feedback such as a tendo unit or a stopwatch.
Phase 3: Timed Half-Squats. Half squats with bodyweight on the bar can be timed. I typically have the athletes perform 5 reps and try to lower the time throughout the year. These improve the contraction-relaxation ability of the nervous system.

Each phase shouldn't be specifically one type of squat, but rather that type can become the emphasis in that period.

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