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Here at http://STRETCHTV.net, we share with you a stretch and strength program like no other. We believe that the other stretching and strengthening programs are not wrong, they are not bad, they just do not work as effectively as our system.

Can 2-seconds really make a difference in your performance? Yes!

No matter what your sport or your age – http://STRETCHTV.net is for you.

Do you want to reduce injury? Do you want improved recovery time? Do you want to prevent injury? Do you want to increase your vertical jump, agility and speed? Do you want to feel better during and after your activity or workout? –YES!

You are in the right place. Therefore, purchase our two day plan and let the results determine if this method is the best stretch and strength program for you.

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http://StretchTV.net is a health, wellness, and sports consulting company that provides hands-on media education, training, seminars, and retreats for amateur and youth athletes.

We are a team of sports stretching consultants from around the world bringing you the latest and greatest amateur and youth sports injury prevention and athletic performance education available.

Our Mission at http://STRETCHTV.net is to provide information and guidance that will assist athletes, teachers, parents, and coaches in the process of living sports lives that are injury free and pain free. We design scenario-based, sport specific stretching exercises for athletes of all ages.

Thank you for joining us.

Coach Selby- StretchExpert

Coach Selby is the nation's leading sports stretching, injury prevention and energy recovery coach for amateur athletes. Recognized as the world's premier injury prevention-stretch expert, and energy recovery authority, Selby's injury prevention coaching and skills work for athletes everywhere. If you use sites like tennis.com, P.E. Central, baseball tips, football tips, NSCA, ACSM, golf.com, AAU, and fitness tips, sport fit and others on line fitness sites – Coach Selby's training advice can help you succeed like never before. He is a University of Miami graduate and former Division one basketball player. He has coached basketball and conditioning fundamentals for The Five Star Camps and has worked with elite athletes from several different sports. Better than what just fitness centers could ever offer, Coach's Words, products and ideas turn athletes into quantum performing competitors while decreasing likeness of injuries and increasing energy weather you are a peewee, junior, high school or senior athlete.

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