Jump Rope workout Basketball agility speed quickness jumping

This is a jump rope workout…it goes like this: do a 1 minutes warm up, in between each set rest for 30 seconds then you jump for 30 seconds…1) up and back, rest for 30… 2) side to side, rest for 30… 3) jump two times on each foot (the rocky), rest for 30… 4) x's (jump middle, cross front, middles cross back, middle etc.), rest for 30… 5) pivot jump (keep one foot still and the other foot cross it to the front, go middle, then cross back, do that til you reach the middle 2 times then switch…its kind of hard to explain if you dont understand just watch the video), rest for 30… 6) boxer shuffle ( just simply shuffle your feet back and forth)… 7) run in place for 30 seconds and jump side to side for 30 seconds, you do this last exercise all together for a complete set of a minute….***THE KEY TO THIS WORKOUT IS TO DO IT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, DONT WORRY IF YOU MESS UP JUST GET ON IT TO GET THE FULL WORKOUT, AS YOU KEEP PRACTICING THE FASTER YOU'LL GET AND IT'LL BECOME SECOND NATURE…I DO THIS MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, FRIDAYS…OR YOU CAN DO THIS ANY DAY YOU DONT FEEL LIKE RUNNING*** ENJOY THE WORKOUT IF OYU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK???????


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