Learning to Dunk at 38 (5’11”) by Improving Vertical Leap – Basketball Drills

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Jumping drills are by far the best way to teach yourself how to dunk, because it involves all the dynamics you'll need to perform the physical body movements required to get high enough to slam the basketball. You must achieve enough leaping height to persuade the entire basketball to go in with authority. So your arm must extend upwards as far as it can reach at your highest peak of your jump, and get over the ball to do so. The ball needs to clear the height of the rim as well, so plan to work on your reaching ability as well as jumping up high vertically.

Depending on how fast you learn to run and transition your energy into a upward thrust will also determine how high you begin to leap. This transitional energy is converting kinetic energy into potential energy, and takes a great deal of practice to master. Once your arms upward swinging motion is in synch with your legs movement then burst of leaping ability, you will start to see a great deal of progress made.

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