The Vertical Jump Files! Here's a workout to help you jump higher today!
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I just got back from Colombia and I'm excited to show you one of the workouts I do to improve my vertical jump and explosiveness. These are the type of workouts that will help you jump higher.

The video is kind of long but I promise you everything I say in it is extremely important. To help you out – I've left a time stamp below so you can skip to different parts.

Workout For Today- 2:15
Big Problem Players Have – 4:15
The secret bands I use – 5:53
How Old Do You Have To Be To Lift Weights – 8:00
The Jump Workout For Today – 13:15

Also below I will leave the exercises with the set in reps!
Seated Box Jumps (2×3)
Banded Box Squats (12×2)
Overhead Lunges (3×8)
Weighted Back Extension (3×12)
Stability Leg Curl (2×15)
Finisher = 50 Jump Squats x 25 Banded Kettlebell Swings x 1 Minute Wall Sit
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