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Published on February 17, 2018

Basketball Dribbling Drills For Point Guards – Free Workout – Follow Me — Sub To My Podcast

"Basketball dribbling drills" like this one are great to work on your hand speed. Remember, with all "dribbling drills" you should dribble the basketball as hard as you can to improve your dribble strength/speed. This is a stationary drill that can be done as a warmup or as part of your basketball skills workout.

There are 3 variations to this drill. One is a normal crossover in front of your body, the second one is through the legs, and the last one is behind the back. You should do each variation at least 50 times. You can also create your own variations and do other types of crossovers. As you can see I don't personally have the worlds best dribbling skills, but I just like you I am constantly working to improve my dribbling and ball handling. If you are a point guard then you are expected to have good dribble skills. I play shooting guard, but do have to play some back up minutes at the point guard position sometimes.

If you check out my channel you will see a bunch of different "basketball dribbling drills for point guards". Please share your favorite ones and let your friends know about Baller Boot Camp. I release a new video every Wednesday.

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