Top 5 Plyometric Exercises For Basketball Players

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Published on November 5, 2019

Top 5 Plyometric Exercises For Basketball Players, in this video I explain my top 5 Plyometric Exercises that will help every Basketball player who uses them. The first Plyometric exercise I explain is lunges and jump lunges, these are great for 1 leg take offs during games in Basketball.The next Plyometric exercise I break down is the squat and squat jump, these Plyometric exercises are great for 2 foot take offs during a Basketball game. For the third exercise I breakdown Layup jumps which just like they say this Plyometric exercise will help with the height you get on your layups but also will help you dunk the Basketball. I hope you are able to use all 5 of the Plyometric exercises in this video to help you jump higher and run faster.

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