Basketball STRENGTH Training Summer Highlights 2011 (off-season)

SEPT 30, 2011

Highlights from summer strength training for varsity/jv basketball at The Lions Cage.
Off-season training preparation for the upcoming 2011-12 season.

Senior Dee Flo stole the show!
He started at the end of June weighing 131 lbs. On the last training day (Sept 30) he weighed in at 143 lb solid! And he hit a PR deadlift of 285 lbs – that's 2 times his bodyweight! (his deadlift in June was 210). And he hit a 135 clean & press, almost his bodyweight pressed overhead for 3 reps!
(only 2 other Lions have deadlifted 2 times bodyweight (Micky D and Paul F) and only 1 has pressed bodyweight overhead (Micky D).
Dee Flo you belong!

Pre-season conditioning starts Monday! These boys are ready!

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