Rap – New Prague Basketball

Original lyrics by Zach Evans:

These TrojaaaAAAANS
Ain't no fools, they'll take ya to school.
They'll drive with their right, their "D" is tight.
They'll drive with their left 'cuz they're doin' their best.
Their jumpers are wet and I'll bet that they get all net.

They'll dunk over you with their whole team, too
With their T-Mac 2's or any other shoes.
They'll shake and bake and make ya ankles break.
They'll shoot all day, 'cuz that's the way they play,
But when you shoot your "J", they'll say, "Not today!"

They be runnin' up the score, they be runnin' down the floor.
They'll fake one way and pass it backdoor.
They'll shoot it through the rim,
They'll shoot it over them in their home-court gym 'cuz they're goin' for the win.

When the game is on the wire, their shots are on fire
'Cuz they have the desire, to never… to never… to never retire!


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