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Published on February 9, 2018

Explosive Movements- Athlete based training


In this video Jordan Butler and Mike Waters together crush an Explosive Plyometric Training Session at Phase 1 Sports in Las Vegas Nevada. All athletes should add an explosive training day to their schedule. Jordan is a naturally explosive athlete and is now taking it to another level while training with Mike Waters and Phase 1 Sports. Owner Mike Waters at 36 years old decided to work out with him. Today the program shows how dynamic and creative your training program can be. This was one of the five days that Jordan trains. The other days include strength and conditioning, speed agility and quickness, hill training and ball drills. The mission is to prepare Jordan for a private workout that he has in December with the new Las Vegas Arena Football Team. If you search through our YouTube channel you can also find Jordan Butlers HS Highlight Film. Jordan has been a Phase 1 Athlete since the end of his 7th grade year. Yes 7th grade! Phase 1 has continued to play a role every offseason since. When we use the term Phase 1 Family its literal not just something cool say. Hope you enjoy the video!

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