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Published on January 29, 2018

A SIMPLE trick to burn belly fat:

What up y'all,

It's your boy Jonny filming on location today! Well, maybe just outside, but I wanted a little more room to move around. Today we're doing a plyometric warm up, which is the best way to warm up your muscles before any exercise.These warm up movements are plyometric movements, which are body-weight/dynamic movements such as high knees and other athletic moves that will stretch you out. Tips like this will help you get one step closer to the lean body you've always wanted.

Video Breakdown:

1:29 High Kickers:
– Kick your legs high and touch your toe
– This will warm up your hips and hamstrings
– Kick low at first, then you will notice that your leg loosens up and you will gradually kick higher and higher

2:08 High Knees – Squeeze:
– Bring your knee up into your chest
– Go up on your toe and squeeze tight into your chest
– You will feel the pull in your glute and hamstring
– This will loosen your hip too

2:48 Arches In:
– Bring each one of your feet up and tap the inside arches of your foot with opposite hand
– This will loosen your hip, glute and knee joints; pretty much all lower body

3:17 Arches Out:
– Bring each out of your feet out, behind you and tap the outside arches of your foot with your hand on that same side
– This loosens the same muscles as Arches In along with some of the outer muscles

3:44 Side to Side Lunges (with a twist):
– Step into the lunge and touch heel with opposite hand then lunge to the other side and touch foot
– Then move forward and spin/pivot to face the other direction and repeat

4:35 Karaoke:
– A very dynamic movement!
– This will loosen those hips, arms, core… everything
– Kick your lead leg first to find your rhythm in this movement then cross over

5:22 Butt Kickers:
– Do not bring your knees up
– Try to hit your heel to your hamstring
– Pump your arms to emphasize the movement

5:48 High Knee Bounce
– This one may take a little time to find your rhythm
– Bring your knee up nice and high – and QUICK, make this a powerful movement
– Opposite arm to opposite knee

6:13 Speed High Knees
– Get on the ball of your toes and skip that knee up fast
– Keep your arms pumping
– Move quickly

Great job on the Plyometric Warm Up! Your whole body should be feeling loose and ready to hit a great workout!

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Train Hard,


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