The Best Plyometric Exercises When Training for Soccer

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Published on November 23, 2016

Want to be the next David Beckham or Lionel Messi? Try doing some of these pre-season exercises from DIAKADI trainer Gavin Birmingham ( to boost your metabolism and improve your sprint speed. Even if you don't play soccer, it's always nice to have a strong sprint in your back pocket just in case the statue-like street performer on Embarcardero decides that your lack of tip deserves a beat-down. Yes, this actually happens.

Toe taps – manipulating the ball with different movements of the feet.

This is a great warm up. It is also great for balance, coordination, rhythm and can in itself become a great, fun cardio workout. This also helps develop foot skills and 'touch'.

Plyometric multi- planal hurdle jumps

This is a great exercise for developing power, while also helping develop rhythm, coordination, balance and agility. It is an ideal exercise for soccer as it helps the player react quicker with the ball, helps the player get to the ball ahead of an opponent in a 50/50 tackle and also helps develop the power to jump high in order to win a header or catch the ball (for goalkeepers).

Agility ladder routines

This is a great exercise for developing speed, agility and quickness which are all vitally important to becoming a great soccer player. This exercise also helps with balance, rhythm and coordination.

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