How To Become a Great Basketball Shooter

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Published on March 22, 2017

Perfect Shots Basketball Shooting Workout: The Perfect Shots Shooting is one of the top basketball shooting program globally. We have coached the highest level NBA players and have helped thousands of youth and high school players become great basketball shooters and dynamic scorers worldwide. We feel that basketball shooting will be the most important individual skill a basketball player can posses. After all, if you can't shoot you'll wont' be able to score. And a basketball team brimming with shooters can be a team that is really a threat to win nightly. It's a fact that basketball shooting is a lost art. But shooting is the one aspect in basketball that one could become as effective as you want to be no matter your physical traits — height, length, athleticism. If you can shoot a basketball effectively there is almost always there is a place for yourself on the floor!

Perfect Shot Basketball program gives you exactly the same basketball workouts David Nurse uses together with his NBA, EuroLeague, and D1 clients
With these progression basketball workouts you will start with the basics to find out the perfect way of basketball shooting then move up to basketball specific drills that will help become a great shooter and dynamic scorer in basketball.
Includes Video Instruction and Diagrams For Each basketball Workout — Watch David Nurse go through each workout which means you know exactly how to proceed and how to do it
Track your progress through the month and see your improvement coming from all your hard work
Includes Monthly Workout Calendar — See what basketball workouts you want to do each day to optimize your progression
Each month David Nurse will post a basketball shooting workout video where you'll be able to try to beat his score. Post your video results online and see who could be the best of the best in the people on the Perfect Shots Shooting Team
Move of the Month — Learn a new go-to move month after month that will raise your offensive game
Perfect Basketball Form Shot Evaluation — Send video of your basketball shooting form to David Nurse for him to personally to look at and provide you with feedback on precisely what you need to do to be a perfect shooter.
Learn more and sign up for a free trial at
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