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Published on November 21, 2016


In this video, Trevor Theismann of Kbands Training.com takes viewers through a three-part series of basketball drills designed to improve speed, footwork, and accuracy during the lay-up. These basketball ladder drills require very little equipment, only a ball, a hoop, a set of Kbands resistance bands for each player, and a speed and agility ladder. (Both the Kbands and the ladder can be purchased through the Kbands Training.com website.)

Coaches can lay the ladder along the ground perpendicular to the backboard and about four feet away from the net. When the ladder and Kbands are in place, each player will move down the rungs using one of three drills: the high-knee run, the icky shuffle, and the in-and-out. While players concentrate on accurate footwork, the resistance of the Kbands will provide conditioning and strength training in the core, hip flexors, and upper legs.

At the end of each run down the ladder, the coach will bounce the ball off the backboard and the players will catch the rebound. Then each player will execute a lay-up from one side of the net or the other. Players should execute this move four to six times on each side of the net with the resistance bands in place. Then they each move through the drill again two more times with the bands removed.

For more information on how the Kbands add resistance, build strength, and support training goals, visit Kbands Training.com. The site also offers a wide range of basketball drills like this one, as well as sport-specific drills for baseball, football, cheer, and track.

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