Medicine Basketball Training – The Future of Basketball Skill Training

Micah Lancaster's Revolutionary Medicine Basketball
Designed and Optimized for Basketball Training by Micah Lancaster

Several years ago Micah Lancaster revolutionized the basketball training industry with his release of his first and widely acclaimed DVD, "Keys to a Quick Handle – the Complete Medicine Ball Workout."

Since then, Micah Lancaster has been on a mission. As the original inventor and innovator of the concept, Lancaster still saw massive flaws in the products that existed – including poor grip, durability, inconsistency of quality, and cost.

For the last several years, Micah Lancaster has been working with manufacturers and designers to make the best Medicine Basketball in the world, perfecting everything from the grip, design, size, durability, and basketball effectiveness. The Medicine Basketball is now ready to further change the way players improve their overall games!

Those who purchase will also receive a complementary video of drills to introduce the tool and to provide a "how-to" use the medicine basketball in your training – including ball handling, penetration, creating space, defense, developing a quicker catch and shoot game, and more!

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